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Luggage storage Poitiers, visit the city without being encumbered

Aymar Muina

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Visit Poitiers, one of the cradles in the history of France

Luggage storage Poitiers
Poitiers city

A city of art and history, Poitiers has many hotspots that are of interest to you. You will be able to visit in Poitiers the Palace of the Dukes of Aquitaine, the museum Sainte-Croix, and much more. You can also stroll in the center of Poitiers for shopping. Luggage Storage Poitiers will keep your suitcases and shopping bags safe.

Poitiers has so much to offer you!

Capital of the province since the Gallo-Roman era, Poitiers has an exceptional architectural heritage around which you can book a luggage storage Poitiers

To discover in the streets during your walks without your luggage:

– The church of Notre-Dame-la-Grande: it can be visited day and night. Its immaculate stone under the sun reveals the finesse and detail of its Romanesque sculptures. On summer evenings and Christmas holidays, you will be seduced by the magic of its Polychromies.
– The Cathedral Saint-Pierre: Organs of François-Henri Clicquot posed in the XVIIIth century.
– The Baptistery Saint John: considered one of the oldest testimonies of Christian Gaul.
– The Palace of Justice: former residence of the Counts of Poitou – Dukes of Aquitaine.
– The Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand church: a UNESCO World Heritage site on the Saint-Jacques road.
– The Church of Sainte-Radegonde: one of the oldest churches of Poitiers.

A few kilometers from Poitiers, you can spend a day at Futuroscope.

Book your luggage storage Poitiers

But to enjoy all these activities in Poitiers, it is better not to be encumbered by your luggage. Many Holibag luggage storages are available in Poitiers to watch over your luggage during your visits.

You will find a left luggage Poitiers on the website of Holibag.

Find out the other cities where Holibag luggage storages are available. Never be encumbered by your belongings anymore now that you know Holibag!


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