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Lisbon: City to add to your wishlist in 2017

Aymar Muina

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This article gives you tips and tricks that will allow you to lighten up your trip by passing by a luggage storage Lisbon or city lockers Lisbon to drop off your luggage in a safe en clean environment close to the tourist spots.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, appeals to a variety of senses and tastes. Lisbon has been a flagship destination for years. A stay in Portugal has become a must for everyone.

What to see and what to do in Lisbon?

Luggage storage Alfama district Lisbon
Street in Lisbon in the Alfama district

Lisbon is an amazing city that deserves the detour, discover it or rediscover it. It’s a city that just woke up, reinvented itself. The buildings are magnificent, originating from a glorious past and of the era of discoverers and explorers.

Today, the city has museums, monuments and dazzling panoramas. Ideal for a weekend or a week, whether with family or friends, Lisbon has enough to welcome you with its many cafes, hotels, terraces and restaurants … You can also deposit your bags at our partner merchants in Lisbon to enjoy your getaway to the fullest.

Visit old Lisbon, where you can stroll through the typical alleys of the city and take the famous tramway 28. You will be able to notice between two narrow streets of azulejos, the ceramic tiles of the city of Lisbon.

There are 3 must see districts in Lisbon where you can also find a luggage storage Lisbon:

=> ALFAMA: historical district. The oldest and mythical neighborhood of Lisbon. We can recognize the moorish influence of the Portuguese past, the buildings, monuments and cathedrals will make your eyes water! A must see !

=> BAIRRO ALTO: artistic neighbourhood, bohemian, a little like it could be in France Saint-Germain-des-Près, the Latin district. It is the most lively district of the city

=> BAIXO: trendy area, right in the center of the city, you will find nice stores, bars and restaurants of all kinds.

You can also visit and find a Lisbon luggage deposit at:

  • Baixa-Chiado.
  • Alfama.
  • Principe Real.
  • Campo de Santana.
  • Parque das Naçoes.
  • Santos.
  • Belem.

City lockers Lisbon

While passing on the quays, do not forget to visit the tower of Belem, symbolic in Lisbon. Finally, when visiting Lisbon, you will have the opportunity to see a fado show in a typical Lisbon restaurant.

Do not forget that you can drop off your luggage in one of our luggage storages in Lisbon. You will find all Lisbon luggage storages on our website.

Luggage Storage Lisbon

Book a luggage storage Lisbon:

Holibag is a platform on which you can book a luggage storage in Lisbon at local partner merchants, restaurants and hotels everywhere you need. Visit and enjoy your trip without being encumbered by your belongings. Holibag is there to help you! Go to our website to book your luggage storage.

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