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Luggage storage Amsterdam, to freely enjoy the city!

Aymar Muina

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Booking a luggage storage Amsterdam can greatly improve the quality of your stay.

Luggage storage Amsterdam
Typical Amsterdam canal

For whom are the luggage storages Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one of the most famous tourist cities in Europe with nearly 5.3 million visitors in 2012. The number of tourists per year is steadily rising over the last decade, By the inflow of European visitors who alone account for 76% of tourists in Amsterdam. Within this category, the Dutch (19%), the English (13%) and the Germans (11%) are the main visitors of the City with a thousand canals. Based on the origin of the hotel clientele, Americans constitute the largest group of non-European tourists accounting for 11%.

The city has 398 hotels (potential luggage storage Amsterdam) offering more than 24,200 accommodations and more than 52,000 beds. The majority of hotels are located in the center with an occupancy rate of around 75% in 2011. However, these figures should be compared with the sharp increase in hotels, Increased by 8% between 2011 and 2012. Four campsites within the city, out of a total of 22 in the region, attract between 12,000 and 65,000 camping enthusiasts every year.

Also a possibility is Airbnb, the new way of going on holiday. You can also use Airbnb to rent an appartment. Something Airbnb can in most cases not offer is to store your luggage during the time before the checkin and after the checkout. Holibag luggage storage Amsterdam gives you this posssibility, to freely enjoy your visit to Amsterdam without being encumbered.

By bike or on foot, you should enjoy Amsterdam freely and with free hands. Pedal on your bike around the Amsterdam canals, and discover the city by the rhythm of your bike. You will discover all the charms of Amsterdam whether in the night or during the day, and this always by bike.

To discover Amsterdam in all its facets, it is better to pedal without being encumbered by your suitcases.

So go and visit the Holibag site to find a left luggage Amsterdam point that will welcome you and your luggage.

Holibag is a platform on which you can book luggage storages Amsterdam, at local merchants. Citylockers Amsterdam are not half as fun as going to a left luggage Amsterdam at local merchants via Holibag!

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