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Free Monuments Paris : You can visit these monuments for FREE

Aymar Muina

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In Paris, young people can visit free monuments. This is also the case for free Parisian museums for under 26s. Thus, most emblematic monuments can be visited for free by young people: such as the Arc de Triomphe or the Conciergerie for example. Unfortunately this is not the case for the Eiffel Tower! Free admission is extended to everyone on the first Sunday of each month regarding the Pantheon and the towers of Notre-Dame. Finally, do not forget that the churches are beautiful and always free. Enjoy!

Free monuments Paris if you are for under 26

Free for children under 18 years old.
Free for EU-26 citizens of the EU
Free every day, without exception

free monuments paris - arc of triomph - holibag - consigne bagages
Arc of Triomph – Paris
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • La conciergerie
  • The Sainte Chapelle
  • The Pantheon
  • The tours of Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral

Free monuments Paris for everyone, every day

free monuments paris - Sacré coeur - holibag - consigne bagages
Sacré Cœur Basilic – Paris
  • Notre-Dame cathedral
  • Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Free monuments Paris on the first Sunday of every month

free monuments paris - Pantheon Paris - holibag - consigne bagages
Pantheon Paris
  • The Pantheon (from January to March and from November to December)
  • The towers of Notre-Dame (guided tour of Notre-Dame is also free, tip recommended)

Top Attractions to See Paris for Free ( … or not)
Here is our list with luggage lockers nearby:
– Eiffel Tower – the symbol of Paris and France [Luggage deposit Eiffel Tower]
– Louvre Museum – one of the best museums in the world and one of the biggest! [Luggage depository Musée du Louvre]
– Notre Dame Cathedral – the heart of the city and one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals ever built. And take the opportunity to take a walk (or a boat ride) along the Seine – the most beautiful avenue in Paris [luggage locker Notre Dame]
– Pantheon – where the Great Men of France are buried [Panthéon luggage locker]
– Arch of Triumph – bottom of the military parades and superb views from the top [Arc de Triomphe luggage locker]



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