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10 thinks to know about the Eiffel Tower

Aymar Muina

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The Eiffel Tower will celebrated its 130th birthday in 2019. And yes, it is not its age that we nickname respectfully the Old Lady of Paris. Here are ten things to know about the mythical Parisian monument. 

N°1 and N°2 thinks to know about the Eiffel Tower

It is for the World Fair of 1889 that Gustave Eiffel built this tower. The construction, which was a challenge both technically and architecturally, took 2 years, 2 months and 5 days.
You have to climb 1,665 steps to reach the top of the tower by the East staircase. Good luck to the brave calves!

N°3 thinks to know about the Eiffel Tower

There are five elevators that take visitors from the ground to the 2nd floor and two duolift cabins to go from the 2nd to the top. The cumulative run of the elevator cabins represents 103,000 km per year or 2.5 times around the Earth.

N°4 thinks to know about the Eiffel Tower

The tower was not built to last. It was intended to remain only 20 years in place and was saved by the scientific experiments that Eiffel favored and in particular the first radiographic transmissions, then telecommunication.

N°5 thinks to know about the Eiffel Tower

Since its opening, the Old Lady has welcomed nearly 250 million visitors and nearly 7 million people (about 75% of whom are foreigners) visit it every year, making it the most visited paying monument in the world. world.

N°6 thinks to know about the Eiffel Tower

There are 20,000 bulbs (5,000 per side) that glow every day for 5 minutes at the beginning of each hour, from dusk until 1am.

N°7 thinks to know about the Eiffel Tower

In 1889, the date of the inauguration of the Tower, the obelisk of Washington with 169 meters high held for four years the world record. It will be more than forty years to see the Eiffel Tower dethroned by the Chrysler Building in New York (319 m) surpassed in 1949 by the Empire State Building (381 m). With the antenna the tower measures today 324 meters.

N°8 thinks to know about the Eiffel Tower

There is a champagne bar at the top of the tower. The counter, nestled in the structure of the monument offers a choice of champagne rosé or white. The bar is open every day from 12h to 22h (cut from 12 € to 21 €).

N°9 thinks to know about the Eiffel Tower

The Jules Verne is THE chic restaurant of the tower, located on the second floor, 125 meters above Paris. Guests access it via a lift reserved for the south pillar. In 2007, after renovations, it opens again under the direction of the famous chef Alain Ducasse who wants to make “the most beautiful place in Paris to enjoy the pleasure of contemporary French cuisine and accessible.”

N°10 thinks to know about the Eiffel Tower

There are many replicas of the Eiffel Tower around the world including Hangzhou, China, the Kings Island amusement park in Ohio, Gómez Palacio in Mexico or Slobozia in Romania.

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